Local development: Sakkara Center organizes 3 new courses next week

04:09 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Today, Thursday, the Local Development Center in Saqqara celebrated the end of the activities of the first part of the 3-week preparation course for future leaders, benefiting 65 trainees from the Ministry’s general office and all governorates, which aims to create leadership and youth cadres trained and qualified to deal with all modern methods as future leaders. The basis for the progress of the state.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy said that those who pass the full preparation course for future leaders with outstanding performance will be nominated to take a leadership position in the governorates, and appoint them as assistant heads of neighborhoods and cities, pointing out that the first part of the course focused on several topics, the most important of which are project planning, preparing business plans, and law The environment and the development of the hygiene system and solid waste management, human resource management for leaders, concepts and legal framework, strategic and executive planning, management by results, methods of follow-up, evaluation, benchmarking and performance rates, government in local administration, financial planning, investment budgets and contracting law.

Major General Shaarawy added that the future leaders course also included topics on institutional excellence and its models and themes, institutional development and civil service law, presentation and effective communication skills, economic development concepts and frameworks, negotiation skills, basic infrastructure development, the new local administration law and the role of local people’s councils .

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy explained that the ministry has achieved a qualitative leap in training workers in the localities and local leaders and bringing about a comprehensive change in the method of training in coordination with the National Training Academy, pointing out that the training focused on topics and laws related to local administration, effective leadership methods, human development, strategic planning, negotiation and planning skills. Al-Omrani, project management, state administrative reform, communication skills, protocols, ceremonies, geographic information systems, and successful initiatives, and benefiting from them, such as the Your Voice is Heard initiative.

In the same context, the Local Development Center in Saqqara will organize next week 3 new courses in the twentieth week of the training plan for the localities, which are the government performance indicators course, the implementation of program and performance budgets, the development of personal and leadership capabilities, and the strategic planning course, while the basics of developing programs and electronic applications courses continue. and the English language for the second week in a row, and 131 trainees from all governorates benefit from these courses.


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