On the last day of the stock market this year, the KOSPI closed at 2,970… Up 3.63% over the year

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The KOSPI fell slightly on the 30th, the last trading day of the year, to close below the 3000 line.

On the stock market on that day, the KOSPI finished trading at 2977.65, down 15.64 points (0.52%) from the previous day. With this, the KOSPI ended the year with a 3.63% increase compared to the end of last year (2873.47).

The KOSPI rose 30.8% during the year of 2020, but in the second half of this year, it showed a sluggish figure due to the tightening movements of the US Federal Reserve (Fed) and global supply chain issues. Based on this year’s closing price, the high point of the KOSPI is 3305.21 (July 6) and the low point is 2839.01 (November 30).

On that day, the index started at 2999.75, up 6.46 points (0.22%) from the battlefield, and climbed to 3005.36, but in the afternoon, the decline increased and fell to the 2970 line. Institutions and foreigners net sold 751 billion won and 227.1 billion won, respectively. On the other hand, individuals net bought 952.5 billion won.

Lee Kyung-min, a researcher at Daishin Securities, said, “After the ex-dividend date (29th), the influence of institutions on supply and demand grew stronger, and the net selling of financial investment increased the downward pressure on the stock market.” Park Soo-jin, a researcher at Mirae Asset Securities, said, “In addition to the year-end trading volume reduction, foreign and institutional selling continued for two consecutive days after the dividend base date, limiting the index’s rise.” On the day, the trading volume of the KOSPI was 45,041 million shares and the trading value was 8,595.1 billion won.

Samsung Electronics, the major stock in the KOSPI, closed at 78,300 won, down 0.63 percent from the previous day. The announcement the day before that it had lowered the utilization rate of its semiconductor plant in Xi’an, China, is believed to have had an impact. SK Hynix, which completed the first phase of the acquisition of Intel’s NAND flash division, finished the transaction at 131,000 won, up 3.15%. Samsung Biologics surged 7.75% in the early part of the market after reports that the Samsung Group was pushing for the acquisition of Biogen, a US pharmaceutical company, rose only 1.46% after an announcement that it was not true. Most of the top 10 by market cap include Naver (-0.92%), Kakao (-1.32%), Samsung SDI (-1.21%), Hyundai Motor (-1.42%), LG Chem (-2.07%), and Kia (-1.44%). This fell.

The KOSDAQ index closed at 1033.98, up 5.93 points (0.58%) from the previous day. The KOSDAQ index finished the year with a 6.77% increase from the end of last year (968.42). In the Seoul foreign exchange market, the won-dollar exchange rate recorded 1188.8 won, up 2.3 won from the previous day.

The first stock market of next year will open at 10 am on January 3rd.


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