The Democratic Party, including Cheon Jeong-bae… Uri Party affiliation confirmed

12 former lawmakers who left the party return
Dong-Young Jung will also be joining us soon.
Strategies to maximize support group gathering

Former lawmakers such as Cheon Jeong-bae, Min Byung-doo, and Yoo Seong-yeop were reinstated on the 30th. However, the conflict over the nomination for next year’s local elections has emerged as a homework issue. Former lawmaker Jeong Dong-young, who served as the chairman of the Uri Party twice and was a candidate for the United Democratic Party of Korea in the 18th presidential election, is expected to join the party at a later date. As a result of the online voting of all party members, the Open Democratic Party decided to join the party with the Democratic Party with a vote of 72% in favor. The general integration of passports to gather supporters has begun in earnest.

The Democratic Party held an initiation ceremony for 12 former lawmakers in Yeouido, Seoul. CEO Song Young-gil said, “We are politicians who have grown up in the great roots of President Kim Dae-jung, and we have gone through ups and downs, but we have come together like a big water.” “I believe that Jae-myung Lee is a great leader at a time when strong and competent leadership is required to lead a better future,” said former 6-term lawmaker Cheon. “I will work hard to win the presidential election.” Candidate Jae-myung Lee, who could not attend the ceremony due to a different schedule, greeted former lawmaker Cheon and others by phone. Chairman Song handed the party’s symbolic color a blue rose.

With the exception of former lawmaker Min, who left after the cut-off in the 21st general election last year, most of the party members were those who joined the People’s Party during the 2016 New Politics Alliance for Democracy in Bundang. From January 3, next year, the Democratic Party will receive applications for reinstatement of those who have left the party for a full month.

The Democratic Party has a strategy of maximizing the gathering of supporters through a lump-sum party. This is because it is advantageous for Lee to win the presidential election only when he has overwhelming support in Honam. Some supporters are skeptical of opening the door to defectors. Some candidates for local elections in the Honam region are concerned about the policy of reducing the disadvantages of those who leave the party according to their participation in the presidential election campaign, and they do not like their reinstatement. “The supporters who defended the party during difficult times may be shaken,” said a lawmaker from the Honam region.

The Open Democratic Party closed an online voting for former party members asking whether they would join the party with the Democratic Party. The result of the vote was 72.54% in favor and 27.46% against. Of the 9578 total party members, 89.57% (8587) participated in the voting.

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