The harvest of Arab films and series in 2021… an artistic recovery after last year’s setback

At the end of each year, critics and writers have to determine the harvest of the best films and series, perhaps as a message to be written for the future, so that previous generations not only remember these works, but how viewers received them at the time of their presentation.

But for the best Arab films, you will find a sharp division between these specialized lists and what the audience will remember, and this difference comes due to the clear difference between artistic or independent films that infiltrate the lists of the best because they are really the best, but at the same time they do not reach the ordinary audience because they are not shown in an image Wide commercial films, or to get lost among commercial films with big star names, do not attract enough attention.

In this list of the best Arab films of 2021 and the best series there is a kind of balance, between artistic and commercial films, although the level of the latter is significantly poor, some of them were good enough to gain the attention of viewers, and they deserved their place here.

Best 2021 Arabic movies

Although it sparked a lot of controversy between celebrities and the public, the title of best Arab film in 2021 can be easily awarded to the movie “Rishes” by Egyptian director Omar Al-Zuhairi, who won an award from the Cannes Film Festival and then many other Arab and international festivals.

The film, which did not specify a time or place for itself, revolves around a fantasy about a poor woman whose husband turns into a chicken as a result of a magician’s paragraph on their son’s birthday, and she has to support the family and try to return the father to the human world.

Feathers movie discussed the issue of poverty and women’s oppression (communication sites)

In second place is the Lebanese film “Maya’s Notebooks” directed by Joanna Hajji Touma and Khalil Joreige, and it is one of the best works that dealt with the Lebanese wars and their impact on successive generations. In the current era, the heroine, Maya – who lives in Canada – reaches a giant box containing her past in Lebanon during the war, through the notebooks and tapes that she transmitted with her friend at the time.

The film makers used various techniques to revive this past, from moving photographs to filming in colors resembling faded old photos, within the framework of the story of 3 generations of Lebanese women who suffered from the war.

And in third place among the best Arab films in 2021, the movie Abu Saddam by Egyptian director Nadine Khan, which was shown during the Cairo International Film Festival, and its hero Muhammad Mamdouh won the Best Actor Award.

The film belongs to the genre of road movies, and its events take place on the Alexandria Desert Road, when a famous driver with extreme anger returns to work again. These are professions in which virility and masculinity are associated with success.

Among the Arab films in 2021, the movie “Al-Arif” – directed by Ahmed Alaa El-Deeb, written by Mohamed Sayed Bashir – emerged among the commercial films that were shown during the year. This quote is well-crafted and entertaining for what the “action” genre requires, better than, for example, the “Musa” movie.

Best 2021 Arabic series

As for the series, there have been some changes in the Arab series market in 2021, the most important of which is the presentation of series throughout the year instead of being restricted to the Ramadan season only, so that every month on electronic platforms and television channels new Arab series are issued, which truly attract the audience away from the crowding the series `Of Ramadan.

This year, the list of the best Arab series in 2021 is topped by the series “Les La 2”, starring Menna Shalaby and Ahmed Hatem, directed by Maryam Abu Auf and written by Maryam Naoum. The events of this part revolve around fostering or sponsoring orphans, through the story of Nada, an unmarried woman in her thirties who decides to embrace an orphan child from an orphanage, and the repercussions of this matter for her, the child and the community around them.

Menna Shalaby starred in the series, which concealed some apparent flaws in the work, such as being focused mainly on spreading moral principles in a way similar to directly re-educating society, but compared to other series that adopted this educational approach – such as the different parts of the series “Except I” – The series, at least, presented this style in an entertaining and tight artistic framework.

In second place is the series “Newton’s Game” directed by Tamer Mohsen, starring Mona Zaki and Mohamed Mamdouh, and it is the most attractive work for viewers in Ramadan 2021, with its exciting story about the heroine’s journey “here” to the United States to have a child with American citizenship by birth, but her journey takes a lot One of the strange turns that destroys her small family and the lives of many around her.

The series was able to gather viewers at home and on social networking sites with discussions about the violent reactions between the two heroes of the series, and the radical changes taking place in their lives, but Tamer Mohsen’s series remains the least technically possible.

In third place is the series “The Game: Level the Beast”, which is one of the series that is shown outside the season, but – like the first part of the game series – it attracted viewers with its comedic plot and not relying on the charisma of its hero, but rather the very clever scenario, in addition to directed by Moataz Al-Tuni. The third season of the series is expected to be shown in 2022.

The article can only be finished by emphasizing the importance of the role of electronic platforms in 2021, which also became films showing shortly after the end of their shows in cinemas, which resulted in a more flexible and encouraging distribution environment for producers, which will certainly result in an increase in the number of films in 2022, which is what He appeared in soap operas already this year.

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