The Iraqi political scene before the formation of the government.. Stock exchange of bets and alliances

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Iyad al-Anbar, a professor of political science at the University of Kufa, confirmed that the numbers do not help the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, to form a majority government in Iraq, noting that he can only form a government through other alliances.

Al-Anbar added – in his speech to an episode of “Beyond the News” program (2021/12/30) – that no one wants a majority government except Al-Sadr, and therefore the Sadrist movement has no choice but to make alliances that are compatible with a majority on its terms or to turn towards the opposition, Which is not desired by other powers.

He said that excluding the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, is not that easy, noting that the man had regained a lot of his influence in numbers during the recent elections.

The Sadrist movement won the largest share of parliament seats after it won 73 seats out of 329 in the early parliamentary elections that were held on the tenth of last October, while the State of Law coalition won 33 seats, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party won 31 seats.

As for Faris Taha Al-Faris, a member of the “Azm Alliance”, he explained that what concerns the Sunni bloc is the election of the Speaker of Parliament during the next session, and said that his bloc will participate in the elections for the presidency of the Council.

While noting that there are many names for the form of the next government, Taha Al-Faris confirmed that the question presented is whether Al-Maliki will be part of the government? There are those who want it without him, and there are those who want a government in which everyone participates, stressing that they are in a “determination” alliance, and they have good understandings with all The political forces and what matters to them is that they be real partners in Iraqi decision-making and not just participants, and that there be a strong Iraqi government with the participation of all.

Iraqi President Barham Salih had signed a republican decree calling for the new parliament to hold its first session. Saleh said – in a tweet on Twitter – that the hopes are set to meet the national entitlement by forming a capable government that protects the interests of the country, as he put it.

solve the situation

For his part, Adnan al-Sarraj, head of the Iraqi Center for Development, revealed that Muqtada al-Sadr is on his way to resolving the situation and agreeing with the Shiite forces in order to form the next government, and said that the meeting that took place recently between him and the coordination framework came at the invitation of the leader of the Sadrist movement, and falls within the framework of preparing for a return normal relations between them.

Al-Sarraj spoke of joint understandings that occurred between al-Sadr and the coordination framework, noting that it is not possible to abandon Nuri al-Maliki or form a government without him, and that al-Sadr is facing a new reality and cannot move forward without understanding with the Shiite forces, and that the coordination framework does not risk forming a government without him. The Sadrist movement, and favored going to what he called a Shiite coalition with an expanded majority.

The leader of the “Sadr movement” insists that the next government will be a majority government, not a consensus government based on quotas. While the “coordinating framework” seeks to make the next government consensual, and in this way it is trying to persuade al-Sadr to abandon the idea of ​​a majority government, and thus allying together to create the largest bloc.

The coordinating framework is headed by Nuri al-Maliki, and includes, in addition to the “State of Law” coalition, the State Forces Alliance, the Al-Fateh Alliance, the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, the Ataa Movement, and the Virtue Party, all of which are Shiite political blocs.

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