The ruling party’s ‘political reorganization’ rumors stir the country’s power… Kim Jong-in “Useless rumors, don’t be upset”

Kim Jong-in, chairman of the People’s Power General Election Commission, speaks at a meeting of the National Election Countermeasures Committee held at the National Assembly on the 30th. yunhap news

Kim Jong-in, chairman of the People’s Power General Election Countermeasures Committee, said, “Don’t worry about useless rumors,” to the party’s external chairman, who was buzzing with the rumors of a political reorganization, not on the 30th. It is interpreted that they started cracking down on the family, believing that the rumors of political restructuring inside and outside the party could lead to divisions in the conservative opposition. At the election committee meeting held at the National Assembly this morning, Chairman Kim said, “There is a lot of talk that is unimaginable, and the outside chairperson of our party and others are showing quite agitation.” “I emphasize once again that there can be no political reorganization even after the election is over, and that such a thing will never happen to the outside committee chairmen, who are anxious about it,” he said. Chairman Kim had met with reporters at the company’s office in Yeouido, Seoul the day before, and said, “It’s a sound that doesn’t work.” The theory of political reform through the establishment of a new party was raised centered on the New Era Preparation Committee led by Chairman Kim Han-gil. It is argued that if Candidate Yun wins the presidential election, Chairman Kim Han-gil will create a new political structure by forming the ‘Yun Seok-yeol Party’, which has attracted centrist powers, to overcome the topography of female sophomores. It was the Democratic Party of Korea that made this theory of political reorganization public. In an interview on the 26th (YTN), Democratic Party Chairman Song Young-gil mentioned Chairman Kim Han-gil and said, “I think we are preparing for the establishment. As soon as Candidate Yoon is elected, Representative Lee Jun-seok and Assemblyman Hong Jun-pyo will be blown away.” People’s Power insiders suspect that the ruling party attempted to ‘divide the opposition’ by taking advantage of the continuing internal strife of the opposition in relation to this remark. Meanwhile, Chairman Kim has a luncheon meeting with CEO Lee Jun-seok on the 31st to tackle the flooding of his predecessor. Chairman Kim met with reporters after the meeting of the election committee that day and said, “I have talked a lot about this and this and that since Chairman Lee resigned from his position as the permanent election chairman, but I do not know what he really meant.” The problem we are worried about can be resolved,” he said. By Kim Hae-jeong, staff reporter [email protected]

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