The siege of Gaza .. What are the scenarios for its end?

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Walid al-Mudallal, a professor of political science at the Islamic University of Gaza, said that the Israeli occupation has been procrastinating in lifting the siege on the Gaza Strip in accordance with the ceasefire agreement that was signed last summer.

Al-Mudallal added – in an interview with an episode of the “Scenarios” program (2021/12/30) – that the siege imposed by the Israeli occupation on Gaza for many years aims to put pressure on the resistance in the Strip, but the reality proved that it did not achieve its goals, considering the announcement of some organizations Providing international aid to the Gaza Strip is among the facilities that the occupation says it provides, but it will remain in vain unless the siege is completely lifted from the Strip.

He added that the occupation did not implement the cease-fire agreement that was made through the Egyptian mediator, which also included reconstruction and lifting the siege, recalling the deadline given by the leader of the resistance in Gaza that everything will be burned if the siege is not lifted until the end of the current world, which ends tomorrow, and there remains a waiting What will the resistance do?

He stressed that the occupation’s reluctance to resolve the prisoners’ file is pushing the resistance to discuss the kidnappings of more Israeli soldiers in order to push Israel to expedite this process, and no one knows how many prisoners the resistance currently has, considering that the current situation is likely in the coming period.

For his part, journalist Wadih Awawda accused Egypt of participating in the siege of the Gaza Strip due to its closure of the Rafah crossing and preventing the passage of people and goods to and from the Strip, stressing that Israel is not satisfied with the economic blockade only, but also seeks to perpetuate the internal Palestinian division between Gaza and the West Bank.

He added that Israel is promoting to the world that the Palestinians are not ready for peace because of the internal division, and the occupation is currently working to alleviate economic suffering by allowing the entry of some goods and the movement of workers on a limited basis, in conjunction with Egypt’s announcement of easing some restrictions on the sector.

He added that Israel does not have any strategy to manage the conflict with the Palestinians, and this has appeared in the process of prisoner exchange negotiations, which have not been completed so far, amid accusations of procrastination, indicating that the status quo will not be resolved at the present time and things may head to a limited clash that leads to a better solution. from current.

In turn, Ali Al-Jarbawi, professor of international studies at Birzeit University, said that the Egyptian mediator is working to transfer views between the Israelis and the Palestinians, but the current Israeli government will not lift the siege because it is too weak, and is afraid to take any initiative towards the Palestinians because this will bring it down after its disintegration.

He added that the escalation in the West Bank is an effort by the resistance to relieve pressure on the besieged Gaza Strip and create new foci to disturb the Israeli occupation to push it to lift the siege on Gaza and abide by the terms of the agreement that was previously signed, and Hamas seeks a comprehensive escalation in all the occupied territories to put pressure on the occupation.

He added that it is impossible for the current Israeli government to accept the conditions of the resistance to release some Palestinian national figures and symbols because this will affect the fragile transitional government in Israel, according to him, warning against any war between the resistance and the occupation because the weak government will resort to the greatest destruction in Gaza .

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