The Supreme Council of Engineers agrees to start the procedures for calling for the general assembly

08:45 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

The Supreme Council of the General Syndicate of Engineers agreed to delegate the office’s authority to complete the financial and disbursement contract with the National Authority of Egypt Post in accordance with the quotations and negotiation, in order to start the procedures for sending an invitation to the members of the General Assembly for elections through the National Authority of Egypt Post.

The Council also approved, during its session, the modern proportional representation of the subsidiary union councils, according to the text of Article 95 of the bylaw of the law, while notifying the Higher Elections Committee to review some of the observations received during the session.

Engineer Hani Dahi, the General Captain of Egypt’s Engineers, confirmed that the visits made by the office during the current period to some of the subsidiary unions are communication meetings with the engineers of Egypt to clarify the facts for the members of the General Assembly due to the accumulation of social pages with false information contrary to the facts that were launched and circulated due to the proximity of the elections, so we found that Such meetings are the best way to clarify facts supported by numbers and documents for the members of the General Assembly, and of course to answer any questions that cross their minds, listen to their ideas and engage in dialogue with the sons of the Engineers Syndicate.

The Syndicate’s Supreme Council met in the presence of Eng. Ahmed Othman, Eng. Mohamed Abdel Azim, the Syndicate’s Under-Secretary, Eng. Hassan Abdel Alim, Secretary General, Eng. Mohamed Nasser, Treasurer, Eng. Zainab Afifi, Assistant Secretary General, and Eng. Ahmed Hashish, Assistant Treasurer and Media Spokesperson for the Syndicate.

Gentlemen, members of the Supreme Council of the Syndicate.

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