“We want to move their market” .. How did Abdul Hamid al-Dabaiba anger the single women of Libya?

01:13 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

I wrote – Rana Osama:

The head of the Libyan Interim Government of Unity and the presidential candidate, Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba, has sparked widespread women’s anger after addressing single women in Libya in a manner that was described as humiliating and cheap.

Dabaiba said during the ceremony of distributing the bonds of the second batch of the marriage support grant for municipalities in Tripoli, yesterday, Wednesday: “Our female leaders have prophesied (we want) to move their market (marry them) … times we manage (give) bonuses, especially for those who are old (single women).”

In turn, presidential candidate Othman Abdul Jalil accused him of insulting Libyan women, and demanded an apology. And he wrote in a Facebook post: “The Prime Minister should immediately apologize to all Libyans (women and men) for his words and descriptions, the least mentionable, as an insult and disdain for Libyan women.”

Addressing Dabaiba, he continued, “If you think that what you mentioned is a joke and a wit, then we see it as frivolous and daring that we do not accept for our sisters.”

Under the hashtag “#Libyan_citizens_not_commodity”, and #Libyan_not_commodity, tweeters, most of whom are women, attacked Dabaiba, amid calls for an apology and calls for his removal.

A Libyan tweet considered Dabaiba’s statements as falling within the framework of “misogyny”, considering that it is neither a joke nor a funny one.

Another replied to Dabaiba with a picture that read: “Women are a great power.”

She tweeted again: “It is unfortunate that he addressed women in an ugly and cheap way…”.

And a third tweet denounced: “Almost the Libyan woman in the ten years who has been charming (the past) was (insulted) enough. Only Dabaiba was missing his opinion of us (the women) with such foolishness!”

Others called for his removal from the entire Libyan political scene and to stop insulting Libyans (men and women). Hamza Jabouda, correspondent of the Libyan “218” channel, tweeted: “If he does not apologize, remain silent, and stop insulting the Libyan men and women, he must be removed for psychological motives… No sane person utters these terms.”

While another asked: “Will we see the women’s protest against Dabaiba’s statement, or will we see applause and cheers for him?”


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