Weather tomorrow.. Meteorology announces the date and duration of the peak of the wave of weather fluctuations

05:54 PM

Thursday 30 December 2021

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Dr. Manar Ghanem, a member of the Meteorological Authority’s media center, revealed the peak date for the bad weather wave that the country is facing, starting today, Thursday.

Weather .. Meteorology reveals the date of the peak of the bad weather wave

Ghanem told “Masrawy”, that the peak of bad weather begins in the early hours of tomorrow, Friday, until the early hours of the day after tomorrow, Saturday, explaining that starting tomorrow, Friday, the amounts of rain increase, and the rains are medium to heavy, thunder and accompanied by hail.

Weather: A wave of fluctuations in the atmosphere that lasts for several days

The country is exposed to a wave of weather fluctuations and a state of turmoil in the atmosphere, starting from tomorrow, Thursday, until next Sunday.

The wind movement is active, causing sand and dust in some areas, and there are rains of varying intensity that reach heavy and torrential levels, as well as low temperatures at night.

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