“Yoon Seok-yeol’s slanderous comments, systematic writing situation”… Announcing the results of the People’s Power ‘Kraken’ program “To be reported”

The People’s Power announced on the 30th that it had detected a situation in which comments slandering presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol were systematically written. The People’s Power said, “This was revealed as a result of operating the ‘Kraken’ program to counter the manipulation of comments,” he said.

The Digital Headquarters of the People’s Power Election Countermeasures Committee announced the results of operating the Kraken, the first silk bag that Lee Jun-seok gave to Yoon. Kraken is a mythical sea monster, named after the ‘King Crab’, a comment manipulation program of the ‘Drooking’ crew.

General Manager Lee Young said, “By using multiple accounts to write similar comments, we have detected signs of malicious and systematic slander of the people and Candidate Yoon. We also caught an attempt to evade the abusive response function of posting the same comment by making changes,” he said.

Director Lee said that he also noticed an abnormal surge in the number of empaths. He said, “It is difficult to conclude that this is an unrealistic increase using macros or other programs, but comments that appear to have an organizational increase that outweighs the general increase in the number of likes were detected. Traces of an increase in the number of likes were found, and we are analyzing it in connection with the results of analysis of other comment activities in the comment account.”

The People’s Power added, “We plan to notify the portal company of any detected abnormalities after legal review, report it to the National Election Commission, and request an investigation into the investigation agency.”


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