“After the suicide of a western girl” .. an IT expert warns against putting pictures on social media

11:33 PM

Tuesday 04 January 2022

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Dr. Osama Mustafa, an information technology expert, warned citizens against putting personal photos on social networking sites, saying: “It is a very dangerous thing,” noting that anyone can use fake applications on the Internet, whether professional or non-professional, saying: “They can use them and take Pictures from personal pages and superimpose them on other pictures or place themselves next to this picture or change the background.

And, “Osama” added, in a telephone interview to the “Happening in Egypt” program on the “MBC Egypt” satellite channel today, Tuesday, that the security authorities or specialists can detect the images fabricated by modern devices that detect the fabrication, saying: “The security services inspected the house of the western girl because They look at the backgrounds and get more information from the reality.”

And he continued, that the tremendous development in technology enables anyone to change the voice, image and video as well, saying: “They can answer the person’s voice and install a word on it that is an argument,” stressing that the fabricated images can be detected after analyzing, saying: “The ease of software applications that make modifications made Some citizens use it, and a person may superimpose his image on a video of foreign actors, and it is very natural.”

And he added, the information technology expert: “There are some criteria for detecting fabricated images, the first of which is to check the image itself, which shows errors in shadows or lighting, next to metadata, which is specific to the information about the image, and the fabricated images have a wrong date from the date on which the original image was taken and reveal the location of the image. And the date of the fabricated image.


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