Basant’s father before the prosecution: The two defendants tried to force my daughter to commit suicide by fabricating pictures

12:27 AM

Wednesday 05 January 2022

Books – Tariq Samir:

“Khaled”, the father of the Kafr al-Zayat girl, “Basant”, said that two people hacked her mobile phone and obtained her personal pictures and put them on the body of a naked girl and published them in the village after they tried to force her to take those pictures and threaten her to publish them to practice immorality with them, but she did not obey them.

The Public Prosecution said in a statement today, Tuesday, that it had started investigations into the death of the girl, “Basant” in Kafr El-Zayat, as it received a report on the twenty-fifth of last December from the father of the girl, called Basant, which included taking a pill to preserve grain, affected by the publication of two people’s inappropriate pictures attributed to her on the website. For social communication and its spread in the village where she lives, the Public Prosecution took over the investigations, and was notified of the girl’s death the day after the report.

In the investigations, her father presented a storage unit that included the photos attributed to the deceased, and her sister provided Basant’s mobile phone and a message she left shortly before her death in which she confirmed that the photos did not belong to her.

The Public Prosecution ordered to request police investigations about the incident, and delegated the forensic doctor to autopsy the body of the deceased, stating the cause of her death.

The Public Prosecution received a police report stating that information was received about the two persons accused by the deceased’s father using her personal photos and blackmailing her, which exposed her to psychological pressure that pushed her to commit suicide.

Simultaneously, a team from the Public Prosecution Office moved to inspect the deceased’s residence and asked her mother about it due to her illness and inability to move, in addition to searching the homes of the two accused, and asking some of the deceased’s friends.

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