Controlling a gas leak inside an apartment in the Al-Ahram Plateau

12:11 AM

Wednesday 05 January 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

The Al-Ahram Gardens area, west of Giza, witnessed a state of anxiety and fear, due to a gas leakage from a real estate.

The official of the General Administration of Emergency Police received a report from the people of a gas leak at the fourth gate in the Al-Ahram Plateau area.

The security services moved, in coordination with the Civil Defense Forces in Giza, under the supervision of Major General Jaber Bahaa, Director of Civil Protection in Giza, and the concerned agencies. Examination and inspection revealed that a gas pipe leak had occurred inside one of the residential apartments in property No. (103L).

The fracture was repaired by the gas emergency without causing any casualties, and Major General Alaa Farouk, First Assistant Minister of Interior, notified the Giza Security Sector.

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