Minister of Business Sector: We seek to turn the losses of the Spinning and Weaving Holding Company into gains within two years

11:25 PM

Tuesday 04 January 2022

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Dr. Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of Business Sector, commented on the collapse of the roof of the dormitory of the Nasr Spinning Company in Mahalla, which led to the death of a worker and the injury of 5 people, saying: “We extend our condolences to the family of the deceased and a speedy recovery to the other 4 injured,” noting that the Victory Unit is a factory that was annexed to the Mahalla Company. The Great, as the Nasr Spinning and Weaving Company has a factory located 800 meters from the Misr El-Mahalla El-Kubra factory, and another factory in Kafr El-Sheikh, saying: “All development takes place in El-Mahalla Company.”

“Tawfik” added, in a telephone interview to the program “Happening in Egypt” on the “MBC Egypt” satellite channel today, Tuesday, that there is a very large factory that is being worked in Mahalla for spinning and weaving and the old factories are being developed factories 4 and 6, which are existing factories, and construction and renovation are fully supported For these factories, he explained that the victory unit was scheduled to be closed as soon as it is equipped from the Egypt factory, which is 800 meters away, which will be completed within 8 months.

And he continued, that the transfer of machines has begun from the victory unit in which the accident occurred, saying: “The factory has about 26 machines, most of them have been moved, and about 4 or 5 machines remain,” explaining that at the level of 65 buildings in the factories affiliated with the ministry, tremendous work is being done. To Civil Construction to ensure that roofs do not fall, at a cost of 7.2 billion pounds on civil construction works, saying: “The next person who will act will act on buildings and constructions.”

And the Minister of Business Sector added: “The victory unit in Mahalla will be completely closed, and work will move from it to the Egypt factory in Mahalla al-Kubra,” explaining: “We had hoped to finish construction and development without accidents, but God forbid and what He did.”

He stressed that the El-Nasr Company in El-Mahalla is operational, but many factories are being modernized, saying: “We rely on it for a lot of work that is not available in other factories and companies. El-Mahalla is a company of 8 companies after including all spinning and weaving, and it contains about 30% of the production of the holding company.” for spinning and weaving.

He explained, that the company, with the relocation and facilities, is expected to change its economic performance by about 4 times the energy in terms of quantity and quality, as the new technology of the machines, which improves efficiency in stages, is one of the industrial cycles preceded by the ginning cycle, which was started with high efficiency so that we can return to the global markets And the local, and we return to the mastery of the industry with what God has blessed Egypt with long-staple and short-staple cottons

He pointed out that the spinning and weaving holding companies lose 3 billion pounds annually, and we have studies confirming the transformation of losses into gains within two years.

In another context, the Minister of Business Sector revealed that negotiations are underway with two international companies to produce the electric car in Egypt.

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