Minister of Solidarity: A major media campaign in the coming period to raise awareness of the advantages of the Small Enterprises Law

06:32 PM

Tuesday 04 January 2022

Books – Nashat Ali:

Dr. Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, said that the field visit carried out by the Committee on Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises has a significant positive impact represented in supporting the efforts made by the state, and standing on the observations and addressing them, if any.

Jameh added that the Ministry and the Industrial Development Authority, in coordination with the Ministries of Housing and Electricity, will finalize the documents for investors regarding the connection of utilities on behalf of investors and manufacturers, to facilitate them, provided that the interaction of investors and manufacturers with the Ministry and the Industrial Development Authority is through simplified mechanisms to achieve development goals. Sustainable and political leadership guidance on investor facilitation.

Dr. Nevin Jameh said that the coming period will witness the launch of a major media campaign to educate citizens about the benefits stipulated in the Small Projects Law and how a young man can be an investor and a project owner, and that the matter is not limited to funding only, but a program will be created by the Projects Authority dedicated to those who He wants to work on small projects and provide them with all the necessary technical support.

Jameh added that the political leadership is keen to pay attention to the industrial sector and small and medium enterprises, and so that industrial complexes do not turn into entities without employment, the program designated by the Enterprise Authority will be launched to provide all the necessary technical support for young people, saying: “Many people want to work in small projects.” I don’t know how we exist and we have a lot of facilities.”

The Minister of Trade and Industry indicated that with regard to the pricing of units in industrial complexes, an inventory was made to determine the prices per square metre. As far as pricing aims to facilitate the investors, pointing out that during the coming period there will be more facilities.

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