Professor Kimya: The Agricultural Pesticides Committee has restricted the use of the “grain” that caused the death of the western girl

11:35 PM

Tuesday 04 January 2022

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Magdy Abdel-Zaher, a full-time professor of chemistry at the University of Alexandria, said that the grain of the crop is used to control insects in wheat, weevils in wood, and grain storage silos, and it is among the toxic chemicals, noting that this pill is sold by pesticide dealers, but the Agricultural Pesticides Committee restricted its use, It is not permissible for any ordinary citizen to buy it.

And “Abdel-Zaher” added in a telephone interview to the “Final Word” program on the “OnE” satellite channel today, Tuesday, that there is a parallel market for selling the yield pill, and as a result of misuse it may lead to death, explaining: “The yield pill, as soon as it descends into the stomach, releases the poisonous phosphine gas. It leads to heart failure and stops cellular respiration.

And he continued, that if a person takes a grain of suicide by mouth, it is absolutely forbidden to drink water, saying: “Most of the suicides, their families drink them with a drink of salt, and here death is certain,” explaining: “The aid of the suicide with a grain of fruit is by drinking coconut oil or paraffin oil. During the first half an hour, any oil can be used and he does not drink water or liquids at all.”

And the professor of chemistry added: “There is no direct treatment for poisoning, but there are medical interventions for poisoning, and some citizens put the grain in the drawers and do not think that it interacts with the humidity of the air.”

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