Social Housing Fund: We now live on 13.5% of the area of ​​Egypt

08:57 PM

Tuesday 04 January 2022

Books – Moataz Abbas:

| May Abdel Hamid, CEO of the Social Housing Fund, details of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s initiative to build 100,000 apartments for those who are about to get married, for rent, saying that a meeting was held with the Minister of Housing to prepare a study on how to implement it.

And Abdel Hamid said, in a telephone interview to the “Hazrat Al-Citizen” program, presented by the journalist Syed Ali, broadcast on “Hadrat Al-Muwatin” satellite channel, today, Tuesday, that an integrated study will be presented on the stage of preparing the initiative, pointing out that within days the final study will be presented to Prime Minister in a few days.

She explained that housing for all Egyptians aims to provide the opportunity for Egyptians to own and rent, according to market needs, pointing out that women have been empowered to obtain housing apartments, like men, stressing that there are a large number of women who have submitted their papers to obtain social housing apartments.

She added that in the past 7 years, an unprecedented urban renaissance occurred, and our plan was for Egyptians to live on 7% of the area of ​​Egypt, and we would reach 14% in 2030, but in 2022 we were able to reach 13.5%.

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