The sister of the western girl thanks the Ministry of the Interior after the arrest of the accused in the case of fabricated photos

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Tuesday 04 January 2022

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Shahinaz Khaled, Basant’s sister, a victim of extortion in Gharbia, said that she is the older sister, three years apart from the girl of Gharbia, noting that she did not know anything about the events that took place before the suicide until last Friday, saying: “I was surprised by my father coming from abroad with photos and a clip in his possession. A video was shown to my mother, and I was present, and I assured my father that the pictures were not of my dress and that they were fabricated.”

“Shahinaz” added, in a telephone interview to the “A Final Word” program on the “ONE” channel, today, Tuesday: “When she came back with a cent of the lesson and told us the pictures are not mine, and that there is someone who entered on WhatsApp and asked me to establish a relationship, and because of her refusal, he threatened her with pictures and told him that she wanted to work with them.” Whatever I need, I am confident in myself.”

And she continued, “My sister cried hard and my mother hugged her tightly and calmed her down and I told her I believe you and know every word without defending yourself and the body in the picture is not your body, and then my father and mother came out and asked him before he left to take the right of his ‘daughter’,” explaining: “Basant prayed Friday and wrote The last message was to her, and she took a grain of the crop and fainted in the hall and vomited severely, and the smell of the grain was wafting throughout the house, and my mother was terrified and I told her why do you do this?

And the sister of the Gharbia girl added: “I went out of the house to look for transportation, until I took it to Tanta University, and Baba met me and said she needs special intensive care, and she did not complete the intensive care for an hour and a half. Depressed because her friends talked about her 10 days before her, and one of the teachers told her that you are still trending more than the clip of the Shaima festival.

And she explained, that the grain of the crop is not present in the house, saying: “She brought it from outside, and she was saying that suicide is forbidden, and she was the memorizer of the Qur’an,” stressing that her mother suffered a new setback after a previous stroke, as the effects of the clot returned to her again and she was unable to move. out of bed.”

Shahinaz thanked the Ministry of Interior after arresting the accused of extortion, saying: “Today, they arrested the accused, and I thank the Minister of Interior for that, and I demand retribution for my sister’s right because they do not do this to any girl.”

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