Two people injured in a car overturning from the top of a bridge in Port Said

08:19 PM

Tuesday 04 January 2022

Port Said – Tariq Al-Rifai:

Two people were injured, on Tuesday evening, when a car overturned from the top of the “Lunch” bridge, above the ring road in Port Said Governorate.

Dr. Mostafa Shaaban, Director of the Health Care Authority branch in Port Said Governorate, received a notification from Al-Zohour Hospital of the arrival of two injured as a result of a car accident: Muhammad Abd al-Nabi Muhammad al-Fakhrani, 59, and Hassan Ahmed al-Sayed Abd al-Qader, 50, from Basyoun Center, Gharbia Governorate.

For his part, Major General Hosni Abdel Aziz, Director of Port Said Security, directed the necessity of taking the necessary legal measures regarding the incident and issuing the necessary report.​

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