3% discount for cash.. How do you get an apartment in Cairo? (prices and specifications)

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Wednesday 05 January 2022

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

The executive body of the joint projects of the Ministry of Housing will begin opening the door for allocation of a number of fully-finished apartments with areas ranging from 95 to 120 meters, in the first neighborhood of the new residential complex Atlas in Helwan, Cairo Governorate, on January 16th.

The allocation in this project is carried out according to the first-come-first-served system and the payment of the reservation advance, whereby the terms of reference are purchased from the headquarters of the Executive Authority of Joint Ventures in Helwan for 300 pounds as of January 16, and reservations for units begin on January 25.

The executive body of the joint projects confirmed that the allocation door will be closed upon the end of the allocation of the offered apartments, pointing out that there are systems for immediate payment and installments.

– the prices:

The price per square meter in all apartments recorded 4,460 pounds, while the price of the 95-meter apartment reached 431 thousand pounds, after adding 2% distinction rates, and the 115-meter unit recorded 519 thousand.

The 107-meter unit recorded 491 thousand after adding the percentage of excellence, which reached 3%, and the 120-meter unit reached 533 thousand pounds.

Payment systems:

– 50% of the unit value is paid, divided into 10% as a seriousness of reservation, 15% upon allocation, and 30% as a receipt payment.

– 50% of the unit value is paid over 5 years, 10 years or 15 years in monthly installments with the declared interest of the central bank.

– There is a 3% discount on the purchase of the unit with the cash system.


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