8 trending foods and drinks that were discovered by accident

Writer Stephen John says – in a report published by “It This Not That” (eatthis) The American – The world’s famous foods often know the place and time when they were first made, and sometimes even the person who created them.

A classic example is the sandwich, named after John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich in southwest England, who was the first to think of sandwiching the meat between two pieces of bread so as not to waste time playing cards.

The Englishman Montagu was the first to think of putting meat between two pieces of bread so as not to waste time while playing cards (Al-Jazeera)

Another example is chicken wings, which were first introduced in 1964 by a businesswoman named Teresa Bellissimo, who managed to introduce a new product based on a part of the chicken that had previously been discarded.

There are other examples of dishes whose origins historians and kitchen experts have not been able to determine, as people have long been eating pasta, seafood dishes, bread, soups, soups, and many other foods that have been passed down by civilizations and generations for more than a thousand years.

Serendipity dishes

The writer points out that there is a third type of dishes, which appeared by chance, that is, it was not invented out of need or desire, but was only a stroke of luck, I made a delicious dish.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Homemade cookies with chocolate chips on wooden table with ingredients in a rustic kitchen. Horizontal composition. Top view GettyImages-1053527738Ruth Wakefield was preparing to make biscuits with instant chocolate, but she couldn’t find the ingredient, so she put chocolate bars (Getty Images)

1- Chocolate chip cookies

The writer points out that this biscuit – which today is the most popular on the planet – was made without prior planning, as in 1930, Ruth Wakefield, the co-owner of the Wakefield Confectionery Factory in Massachusetts, was preparing to prepare a batch of biscuits based on instant chocolate. Within her formula, but she did not find this ingredient, she put pieces of regular chocolate, thinking that they would melt in the same way. The chocolate bars didn’t melt, but everyone liked this new product, and Roth was surprised by this success.

Corn Flakes SS54229279 شترستوكDue to a preparation error, delicious corn flakes appeared for the first time (Shutterstock)

2- corn flakes

The writer believes that it is logical to expect that corn flakes were discovered by man by chance, given that their shape does not suggest that they are delicious, but when you add some milk, sugar or fresh fruits, they become a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

The circumstances of this coincidence are that in the 1890s, brothers John Kellogg and Will Kellogg were preparing healthy vegetarian food by roasting wheat, and due to a preparation error, they ended up turning it into dough and then crunchy chips, and when this coincidence was repeated with corn, it appeared for the first time Delicious chips.

Popsicles SS664338451 شترستوكBaby Frank Epperson mixes water with sweet soda and forgets the mixture and gives birth to a popsicle (Shutterstock)

3- ice cream lollipop

The lollipop was invented one evening in 1905, when an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson mixed water with a sweet soda-powder mixture, then forgot about it outside. Because of the low temperature, this sweet liquid turned into a delicious ice cream, with the prominent spoon of it like a stick suitable for holding this lollipop.

Potato Chips SS1450321307 شترستوكThe idea of ​​the chips came as a result of a restaurant customer complaining that the potatoes he was served were not crunchy enough (Shutterstock)

4 – Potato chips

Chips are one of the most popular snacks in the world, but they were discovered in 1853 by chance, in Saragota Springs, New York, when a customer complained that the potatoes served to him weren’t crunchy enough.

The potatoes were returned to the kitchen, and Chef George Crum cut them into thin slices like leaves and fried them until crisp, out of anger at the customer. But these slices were loved by everyone who tasted them.

Coca Cola 212488942 شترستوكThe discovery of Coca-Cola was an attempt to invent a medicinal stimulant (Shutterstock)

5- Coca-Cola

John Pemberton was trying to discover the drink that is called today Coca-Cola, but he did not intend to make it a soft drink. He was trying to invent a medicinal tonic that would treat all kinds of problems, from headaches to indigestion. This drink was initially made from alcohol, then moved to sweeteners, and made what we call today Coca-Cola.

Chimichanga Deep Fried Beef Chimichanga Burrito with Rice and Beans GettyImages-847839918Chimichanga is just a burrito cooked for the first time and then fried by chance (Getty Images)

6- According to Chimichanga

It’s just a burrito (a type of food that’s mainly thin tortillas wrapped in a variety of fillings) and it’s cooked twice, but the second time it’s fried. By chance, Chef Monica Eileen dropped a burrito (a roll) into a hot oil pan in Tucson, New Mexico. Instead of throwing away the piece, she decided to taste it.

Ravioli Butter Poached Lobster Ravioli with Bacon and Fresh Parsley GettyImages-1220216838Roasted ravioli, just like chimichanga, appeared after the stuffed noodles were accidentally fried (Getty Images)

7- Roasted ravioli

Just like chimichanga, this dish emerged after the stuffed noodles were accidentally fried. Although everyone agrees about this strange start to the toasted ravioli, there is disagreement about where it first appeared.

8- Frozen cherry drink

When a soda tank exploded, Omar Kennedlake at a Kansas dairy had to store some of it in flasks. Customers loved the soda’s cold, sour taste, and later Kennedlake created a machine that produced cold, sweetened drinks, which became so popular that it was marketed under the Slerby name.


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