Al-Buhairi’s defense announces that he is between life and death, and the Tunisian authorities hold the Tunisian authorities responsible for his safety

The defense team of Noureddine El-Beheiry, Vice-President of the Tunisian Ennahda Movement and a member of the frozen parliament, said that he is on strike for food, water and medicine, and that his condition is “between life and death”, calling on human rights organizations to intervene to save him.

In a press conference held today, Wednesday, the commission held the Tunisian authorities fully responsible for the 63-year-old’s safety.

A member of the Defense Committee, Samir Dilo, said that the authority had learned that Al-Buhairi’s condition was “between life and death,” according to confirmed medical sources.

Al-Buhairi’s defense had announced earlier that the deputy head of the Ennahda movement – who held the position of Minister of Justice between 2011 and 2013 – was transferred from an unknown location to the intensive care unit at the Habib Bougatfa Hospital in Bizerte (approximately 65 kilometers north of the capital).

Last Friday, Ennahda announced that elements in civilian clothes had kidnapped Al-Buhairi in front of his house and taken him to an unknown destination, after his wife, lawyer Saeeda Al-Akrimi, who was accompanying him, had violently abused him.

In contrast, the Interior Ministry says it has placed al-Buhairi under house arrest due to terrorism suspicions.

For his part, Abdul Razzaq Al-Kilani, head of the defense team for the Vice-President of the Ennahda Movement, said – in statements to Al-Jazeera today, Wednesday – that Al-Buhairi’s doctor told his wife that his health condition had deteriorated and had become critical.

Question about the evidence

Al-Kilani indicated that the Tunisian Interior Minister did not submit the evidence that he says he has to the judicial authorities.

And the Minister of the Interior, Tawfiq Sharaf El-Din, said – in a press conference last Monday – that Al-Buhairi’s placement under house arrest was caused by “issuing passports to people in an illegal manner and a serious suspicion of terrorism.” Fabrication” files.

On the other hand, the International Organization Against Torture said today, Wednesday, that placing Al-Buhairi under house arrest is “arbitrary and illegal detention.”

Al-Buhairi is the first senior official of the Ennahda movement to be detained by security since President Kais Saied dissolved parliament and seized control of the governing authorities in late July, in a move described by Ennahda and other parties as a “coup.”

Since last July 25, Tunisia has been witnessing a political crisis against the backdrop of exceptional measures, most notably the freezing of parliament’s competencies, the lifting of immunity from its deputies, the abolition of the constitutionality monitoring body, the issuance of legislation by presidential decrees, the dismissal of the prime minister, and the appointment of the president as a new head of government.

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