Biden: We have a $1.9 trillion financing plan to confront Corona, and there is no need to close schools

06:17 AM

Wednesday 05 January 2022

Washington – (USA):

US President Joe Biden said that his financing plan to confront the outbreak of the “Corona” pandemic, which is estimated at 1.9 trillion dollars, includes billions of dollars to help support the reopening of schools, expressing his belief that there is no need to close schools in light of the large wave of spread of the Amicron mutator.

Biden added, in statements to White Eggs today, that the US administration has no reason to think at the current stage that Omicron is worse for children than previous mutants, saying: “We know that our children can be safe while they are in schools, and this is why schools must remain open, they are They get what they need.”

And the US President added that “130 billion dollars from the plan to confront the Corona virus that was passed last March was directed to reopening schools, and there are an additional 10 billion allocated to conducting Corona tests in schools. In doing so, I encourage all states and departments to direct this money to protect children and to keep schools open.”

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