Burger King to raise prices from 7th… Whopper 6100 won → 6400 won

Burger King announced on the 5th that it would raise the prices of some products from the 7th.

The price of 33 types of burgers, including 25 types of burgers, will increase by an average of 2.9%, such as Whopper (single item) rising from 6,100 won to 6,400 won, and Whopper Junior from 4,300 won to 4,400 won.

A Burger King official said, “This decision was unavoidably made due to rising costs such as rising raw material prices and raising the minimum wage amid the global production and logistics crisis.”

Lotteria also raised the selling price of its products by an average of 4.1% last month due to an increase in operating costs.

McDonald’s is said to have no plans to raise prices at this time.


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