Burger King Whopper 6100 won → 6400 won… hamburger price hike dominoes

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Following Lotteria and No Brand Burger, Burger King also joined the price increase procession. As crop yields decrease and labor costs increase due to the spread of Corona 19 and the climate crisis, it is predicted that other hamburger brands will inevitably raise prices.

Burger King announced on the 5th that it would increase the price of 33 types of products, including 25 types of burgers, by an average of 2.9% from the 7th. The average increase is 215 won. The price of Whopper (single item), the representative menu, will rise from 6,100 won to 6,400 won, and Whopper Junior’s price will rise from 4,300 won to 4,400 won. French fries will be raised from 1,700 won to 1800 won.

Burger King explained that the price hike was “a decision that was inevitably made due to a rise in costs such as a rise in raw material prices and an increase in the minimum wage due to the overseas production and logistics crisis.”

Last month, Lotteria and No Brand raised their product selling prices by an average of 4.1% and an average of 2.8%, respectively. McDonald’s said, “There are no plans to raise prices at this time.”


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