[CES 2022]Now eco-friendly technology is the trend… Swept the Best Innovation Award

Offshore wind and solar energy storage technology ‘Ocean Grazer’

‘Rainstick’ that recycles shower water, etc.

Most of the eco-friendly technology awards

Samsung Han Jong-hee also emphasized eco-friendliness in his keynote speech

Ocean Grazer’s Ocean Battery concept. It is deployed around wind or solar power plants at sea. When the energy is over-produced, water is raised, and when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not, the energy is produced from the potential energy of the raised water. Ocean Grazer

The biggest problem with wind and solar power generation is that electricity is needed all day long, but the wind and sunlight are not constant. In particular, it is not easy to install an energy storage system at sea.

Startup Ocean Grazer, which started from a research organization at Horningen University in the Netherlands, is a technology that solves this problem. received When an ‘ocean battery’ is installed on the seabed of an offshore power plant, when wind or solar energy overflows, water is pulled up, and when the wind is not blowing or there is no solar heat, the water is sent back down to produce electricity as in hydroelectric power. In July of last year, technology verification was completed in the Netherlands offshore. Oceangrays emphasized that it is an eco-friendly technology, saying that it does not require harmful or rare substances for energy production and that subsea structures can become habitats for marine life. CEO Fritz Bleeck said, “We will efficiently store wind and solar energy so that we can pay back our investment.”

It is an era where eco-friendly technologies are in the spotlight. At CES 2022, the technology that contributed to saving energy and creating a sustainable earth was recognized as the best.

Canadian company OtO won the Smart Home Innovation Award for its smart sprinkler ‘Autoron’, which can accurately recognize the shape of a lawn or garden and water it accurately. Autoron can also safely fertilize. It uses the sun as an energy source and can be easily operated with a smartphone application. Otto says you can save up to 50% on your water bill with Autoron. It is a technology that will be in the spotlight in North America where there are many home gardens.

Now eco-friendly technology is the trend...  Swept the Best Innovation Award

John Deere's farm machinery spraying pesticides.  John Deere

John Deere’s farm machinery spraying pesticides. John Deere

John Deere of the United States, the world’s largest agricultural machinery maker, won the Best Innovation Award in Robotics for its technology (see&spray) that accurately sprays pesticides only on weeds. It can reduce the amount of herbicide used by 80% compared to when spraying randomly, and it can also reduce the amount of pesticides applied to the crops.

Rainstick of Canada won the Best Innovation Award in the smart home field along with Otto for a shower that reuses water that has fallen on the floor. After filtering out foreign substances such as hair from the water that has fallen to the floor, it goes through a purification and sterilization process in the process of pulling it back up. Rainstick explained that using this shower can double the flow rate, save water and energy, and pay back the installation money in five years.

Radiator of IRSAP SPA installed indoors.  CES 2022 home page

Radiator of IRSAP SPA installed indoors. CES 2022 home page

Italy’s IRSAP SPA was awarded the Best Innovation Award in the home appliance category with a radiator that adjusts the desired indoor temperature with minimum energy use. You can give commands by voice and measure the air quality and carbon dioxide levels in your home.

A video window that can display videos is installed at an airport.  CES 2022 home page

A video window that can display videos is installed at an airport. CES 2022 home page

Dutch company VideowindoW won the Best Innovation Award in the Smart City category for its transparent window that can display advertisements and other videos using liquid crystal. The light sensor measures the ambient brightness in real time and transmits a video with the appropriate brightness. Although the advertising effect is large, the power consumption is only one tenth of that of an LCD (liquid crystal display) billboard.

Domestic large companies are also emphasizing eco-friendliness at this CES. Han Jong-hee, head of Samsung Electronics’ DX division (Vice Chairman) also emphasized eco-friendliness as the top priority in his keynote speech on the 4th (local time), the day before CES. Vice Chairman Han said, “This year, display products such as TVs will use more than 30 times more recycled plastic than last year. By 2025, we plan to use recycled materials in the process of making all mobile and home appliances,” he said. SK Group has set up an integrated booth for affiliates by collecting each company’s efforts to achieve ‘carbon neutrality’.


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