Disruption of People’s Power and Contrast Effect? Nak-yeon Lee and Jae-myung Lee, together to visit Gwangju to ‘integrate’

Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung and former representative Lee Nak-yeon, co-chair of the National Vision and National Integration Committee, greet at the Gwangju Vision Meeting of the National Vision and National Integration Committee held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Seo-gu, Gwangju on the 5th. yunhap news

Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung visited Gwangju Metropolitan City on the 5th with former leader Lee Nak-yeon and said, “Let’s turn crisis into opportunity with united power.” It is part of the passport consolidation move. Candidate Lee is interpreted as trying to induce unity in the Honam region, which is a core support group, by taking a joint move with former CEO Lee, who was the biggest competitor in the primary, on the same day, and also to show the effect of contrasting with the power of the people who are suffering from the strife of the election.

Candidate Lee and former CEO Lee attended the meeting of the National Vision and National Integration Committee (Vivanvan) held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center in Gwangju this morning. Candidate Lee said, “I am delighted to be with the respected Chairman of the Vision Committee, Lee Nak-yeon, to discuss the future vision of the Republic of Korea and national unity. Integration with the Open Democratic Party and the restoration of non-Moonjae people of Honam origin were also mentioned. “The old comrades who have left (the party) for various reasons are also gathering on one front,” Lee said.

Former President Lee Jae-myung said, “Candidate Jae-myung Lee and the Democratic Party will do their best together,” while discussing national tasks such as realization of economic and social democracy such as reform of power institutions and polarization.

Candidate Lee visited the Sohari plant of Kia Motors, where former President Kim Dae-jung declared overcoming the IMF’s foreign exchange crisis the day before, and emphasized the red flag of the Democratic Party candidate. This day’s visit to Gwangju is also interpreted as an extension of the pan-passport integration work. Candidate Lee’s unification is expected to affect Honam approval ratings as well. Lee’s approval rating in Honam is slowly rising. According to a regular survey conducted by public opinion polling company Realmeter, Lee’s approval rating in Gwangju and Jeolla Province stood at 60.5% in the 3rd week of December last year, and 66.5% in the 5th week of December.

The Democrats are in the mood for “it is too early to be relieved.” As it is the core region of the party, it is calculated that it is necessary to create an overwhelming support rate of 80-90% in Honam in order to gain an edge in attacking other central regions in the future. Candidate Lee expects the help of former CEO Lee, a heavyweight politician in Honam, to act as a booster. On this day, former CEO Lee emphasized that “it is the turn of Gwangju to contribute to the realization of economic and social practical democracy,” referring to the role of Gwangju as an energy hub such as KEPCO, the cultural industry represented by the Asia Culture Center, and Gwangju-type jobs.

The contrast effect with the power of the people is also expected to become clearer. The People’s Power is suffering due to the rift between Candidate Yoon, General Election Task Force Chairman Kim Jong-in, and Representative Lee Jun-seok, while the Democratic Party’s pro-government system centered on Lee is running smoothly. Candidate Lee established the non-commissioning committee last month, absorbing former president Lee and his new welfare agenda. It is the fourth time that the two have a schedule together, following the luncheon meeting on December 23 last year. Former CEO Lee even wrote the expression “Comrade Lee Jae-myung” on that day. This is the first time that former CEO Lee directly mentioned Lee’s name in public after the primary and appealed for support.

In an interview with Yonhap News TV the day before, Candidate Lee said about his visit to Honam with former CEO Lee, “Don’t people expect that one camp will cooperate and unite to fulfill their responsibilities even if one camp is not divided, lacking, and not satisfied?” “Actually, being a lieutenant colonel shows in advance how state affairs will be managed if he comes to power later,” he said.


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