“Even ice cups are plastic.” 7-Eleven’s first ‘paper ice cup’

Provided by 7-Eleven

Convenience store 7-Eleven announced on the 5th that it will be the first in the industry to introduce ice cups made of eco-friendly paper.

Paper ice cups are made of materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and can be recycled by adding eco-friendly coating technology. 7-Eleven explained, “Even though it is made of paper, it has the same level of rigidity as a plastic ice cup. It has a moisture permeability that is 30% or more lower than that of a regular paper cup, so there is almost no change in physical properties even with changes in temperature.”

7-Eleven plans to introduce the regular size (180g, 600 won) first, and then expand the paper ice cup to a large size. Considering the exhaustion of inventory at the franchisees and the minimization of on-site confusion, the company plans to operate in parallel with plastic ice cups for the time being, inducing a full switch to paper ice cups. 7-Eleven expects that if it is completely replaced with paper ice cups in the future, it will be possible to reduce the amount of plastic cups by 100 million per year (based on 7-Eleven).

Ahn Seung-nam, 7-Eleven’s instant food team leader, said, “Ice cups are used for a variety of purposes and record the highest sales every year,” said Ahn Seung-nam. It will also be able to make a positive contribution to the issue of plastic removal.”


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