He threw himself in the Moise Sea.. A young man committed suicide due to a psychological crisis in Sharqia

10:15 AM

Wednesday 05 January 2022

Eastern – Heba Al-Qassas:

A young man in the second decade of his life got rid of himself by throwing himself in the Moise Sea, Zagazig Second Division, and the body was recovered and deposited in the General Hospital.

Major General Mohamed Wali, director of Sharkia Security, received a notification from the warden of the second division of Zagazig that the body of a young man named “Sherif M.” had been recovered. – 25 years old, resident of Kafr al-Ishara in Zagazig, from the waters of the Mowais Sea.

Investigations conducted by Major Mahmoud Mertah, Head of Investigations of the second department in Zagazig, revealed that the young man got off a tuk-tuk he was riding in front of the Swares Bridge in the department’s circle, and stood for a short time looking at the water, then threw himself in it, before some young men tried to stop him.

A river rescue team moved and the body was recovered and transferred to the General Hospital at the disposal of the Public Prosecution Office, which undertook the investigation.

Investigations revealed that the young man had been suffering from a psychological disorder for months and was in financial distress.

The Public Prosecution ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death, and it is being handed over to his family for burial.


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