Hyundai Heavy Industries Group and U.S. Palantir to build a big data platform for core business ‘joint hand’

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group will build a big data platform in core businesses such as shipbuilding and offshore in partnership with US Palantir Technologies, a big data company.

Hyundai Heavy Industries Group announced on the 4th (local time) that it had signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of a big data platform and joint venture’ with Palantir in Las Vegas, USA.

The event, held one day before the world’s largest electronics and IT exhibition, ‘CES 2022’, was held at the event, including Ki-sun Ki-seon, CEO of Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings, Young-cheol Cho, CEO of Hyundai Doosan Infracore, Seok Cho, CEO of Hyundai Electric, Alex Karp, CEO of Palantir, and Sham Shanka, chief operating officer. Key executives participated online and offline.

According to this MOU, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group will jointly build a big data platform with Palantir for key affiliates within the group, such as shipbuilding/offshore, energy, and industrial machinery. To this end, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group provides its affiliates’ process expertise and sales know-how, and Palantir provides its own software and development personnel.

When the platform construction for each affiliate is completed, the two companies plan to establish a specialized joint venture to develop and sell big data platform services. The plan is to generate sales for domestic and foreign companies by commercializing big data solutions from platform construction to operation.

Hyundai Heavy Industries, a shipbuilding and offshore affiliate of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, is promoting the ‘Future of Shipyard (FOS) project’ to transform into a smart shipyard by 2030. All processes from design to production are connected in real time to build a shipyard that enables smart work management, and Palantir’s big data platform will be introduced in this process.

The big data platform is also applied to energy affiliates such as Hyundai Oilbank. Hyundai Oilbank plans to build a platform at its Daesan plant in Chungcheongnam-do for five years from this year. The strategy is to maximize the efficiency of the process by integrating more than 100 currently operating production management systems into one.

Hyundai Doosan Infracore, an industrial machinery affiliate, jointly developed ‘DI 360’, a big data collaboration platform, with Palantir in 2019, and is using it to manage parts supply chains, respond to on-site quality claims, and seize sales opportunities. Hyundai Heavy Industries Group and Palantir also plan to consider building platforms with other affiliates such as Hyundai Construction Equipment.

Ki-sun Ki-sun, CEO of Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings, said, “We expect that the competitiveness of core businesses within the group will greatly increase through cooperation with Palantir. .

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