Kyobo Life Insurance Expands Strategic Partnership with Promising Startups… Ported My Data Service

Photo: Kyobo Life

Kyobo Life Insurance announced on the 5th that it has signed an MOU with a promising startup based on MyData to expand its financial MyData service.

Kyobo Life Insurance has been busy with the goal of launching an official service in January since it was the first in the insurance industry to obtain the main license for My Data business from the Financial Services Commission in July last year.

The two companies that signed the MOU this time are ‘Infomining’ and ‘Enable DaonSoft’, which are promising startups that are recognized for their innovativeness in different fields.

‘Infomining’ is a start-up that has proven its excellence through technology-specialized venture company certification and AI championship awards as a specialized smart healthcare service company. Kyobo Life plans to jointly discover ideas and commercialize them so that they can motivate customers to promote health and provide customized health solutions through information mining and health data utilization and analysis.

‘Enable DaonSoft’ is a startup that is developing and operating ‘The Camp’, a community service for military service members. do. The company, which received the grand prize in the public sector of the Korea Mobile Awards, provides military enlistment information and military family community functions through its application, so it has a strong customer base with 3.6 million cumulative subscribers and 700,000 monthly users (MAU).

With this MOU, Kyobo Life intends to expand the My Data service area and spur the upcoming official service launch. My data business is on the right track, with the financial my data part being promoted to a team due to the organizational restructuring on the 24th, raising expectations.

The signing ceremony was held on the 3rd floor of the Kyobo Life headquarters in the conference room. Kyobo Life Insurance CEO Pyeon Jeong-beom, Kyobo Life Digital Business Executives, and startup CEOs attended the event.

A Kyobo Life official said, “Kyobo Life My Data aims to help people lead a healthy and correct financial life. We plan to create and deliver,” he said.

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