Le Point: Including the theft of Iran’s nuclear archive…Mossad’s most secret spying operations

The French magazine Le Point presented a summary of a new book that talks about 20 female agents in the Israeli Mossad and the assassinations, kidnappings, theft of documents, and more, describing what was mentioned in it as “more exciting than the best spy movies.”

In his book, Les Amazones du Mossad, Israeli journalist Nassim Mishal tells the story of those women who were behind the most important and symbolic operations of the Israeli intelligence service.

The writer mentions that these agents are responsible for the kidnapping of Nazi Adolf Eichmann in 1960 in Argentina, the execution of the Palestinians responsible for the killing of Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, and the theft of the archives of the Iranian nuclear program in 2018 without being discovered.

Le Point says that she publishes exclusively the most important of this work, and reveals the fate of some of the “terrifying Mossad fighters”.

The newspaper’s editor, Luke Barucci, says – his report On the subject – The first of these warriors is Yolande Harmore, the American journalist who played the role of the stupid blonde in Egypt and who managed in 1947 to obtain Arab plans to invade the “Yishuv”, the name given to the Jewish community before it was formed in what After what became known as Israel.

Baroshi adds that one of the women, Elisa Magen, was able to become the first woman to occupy the second rank in the Mossad in 1997, noting that women represent today more than 40% of the Mossad’s operational units, and they are Internet scientists, coding experts, heads of departments, and even They participate in targeted assassinations, to the extent that this institution has become the most feminist-incorporating Israeli institution, according to historian and former Labor MP Michael Bar-Zohar.

The writer presents some of the most prominent operations that Nassim Mishaal claims were carried out by women, under titles such as:

1. The night Dina allowed Israel to steal Iran’s nuclear program

2. The day Erica detonated a car bomb in downtown Beirut

3. How “Sylvia” broke into the apartment of a Palestinian leader in Paris

4. “Yael the little girl” who launched the commando attack on Lebanon

5. “Mossad agents are often better than the men.”

The writer mentions that many of these spies were from foreign countries. Canadian Yael collected intelligence information in Baghdad that enabled the Israeli army to bomb the nuclear reactor built by the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein with the help of France in 1981.

Uruguayan Isabel Pedro spent 3 years in the 1960s in Cairo, where she stole Egyptian military secrets, and German “Queen of the Desert” Yola spent several years in secret in Sudan, under the guise of running a diving club, in order to organize the emigration of Ethiopian “Flasha” Jews to Ethiopia. Israel.

But the history of these female warriors was not all covered with flowers. Egypt exposed the spy, Marcel Nino, and arrested her, subjected her to torture and attempted suicide. She spent more than 13 years in Egyptian prisons.

Silvia Rafael, after some heroic operations, was also behind the worst mistake committed by the Mossad when she participated in the 1973 assassination of a Moroccan waiter in Norway, thinking that he was a “Palestinian terrorist”. They were subjected to torture, imprisonment, and sometimes physical liquidation.


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