National Assembly Defense Committee criticizes North Korea incident, “If the 22nd Division goes, separated families will also reunite”

A panoramic view of Goseong GP, Gangwon-do, taken on February 14, 2019. yunhap news

The National Assembly’s National Defense Committee criticized the North Korean incident that exceeded the GOP (general outpost) fence of the 22nd Division of the front-line Army of the Eastern Front in Gangwon-do. Regarding the fact that the 22nd Division defected and defected to North Korea four times, there were also voices saying that “a structural inspection should be done”.

At a plenary meeting of the National Defense Commission held at the National Assembly this afternoon, Democratic Party lawmaker Ahn Gyu-baek said, “I seem to have exaggerated to the point that if I go to the 22nd Division, even separated families can be reunited.” Assemblyman Ahn said, “I express my regret that the military discipline of the upper-class units of the front-line of the Republic of Korea has become like this.”

Kim Byung-gi, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, also said, “I am considering the (mistake) of the battalion (which made the final judgment in the case), but I think the structural problem has not been reinforced after the Vietnam incident last year.”

Democratic Party lawmaker Dong-min Dong-min, referring to the fact that four defections and defections occurred only in the 22nd Division, said, “The division’s troops are in charge of the area of ​​responsibility that is about 30 km on land and 100 km by sea. I think of it as a unit that is vigilant with a time bomb that might happen,” he said. “Even if there is a vigilance failure, we need to create conditions for the incumbent commander to rectify the situation and make improvement measures,” said Rep. Ki.

Rep. Han Ki-ho, from People’s Strength, argued that “the 9/19 military agreement was fundamentally wrong”, referring to the fact that the incident occurred near the GP (Guard Post) where troops were withdrawn according to the 9/19 inter-Korean military agreement. In response, Democratic Party lawmaker Dong-min Dong-min said, “If there is a GP, it is a matter of preparing a vigilant operation that meets the conditions as if there is a GP, or if there is not. ” he said.

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