She considers it the biggest danger.. Is Britain able to confront Russia in 2022?

London- The British statements issued against Russia intensified, and came from the highest military and security ranks in the country, warning of an imminent war with Russia.

The escalation of tension between the West and Russia due to the crisis on the Ukrainian border, and fears of a Russian military invasion of Ukraine, came to show that Britain does not want to be at the forefront of the line facing Russia in the event of any military action.

But the question arises: What is the nature of this confrontation, if it occurs? Is it military or economic and diplomatic? Why does Britain put Russia at the top of the list of its opponents in the world?

Who is Britain’s number one enemy?

Immediately after Britain’s exit from the European Union, Boris Johnson’s government instituted what it called a comprehensive review of defense and diplomatic policy, in which we find that Britain considers Russia the greater threat to its security and the security of Europe than China.

Why this hostility?

Both Russian President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have political projects based on restoring the glories of the Soviet Union as well as the return of the influence of the British Empire, which means that the historical factor is strongly present in this conflict.

In reality, many events showed the extent of the scramble between the two sides and the playing on the edge of the abyss, perhaps the most famous of which was the poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter with nerve gas in Britain.

The British government formally accused the Russian military intelligence of masterminding the attack, which led to the worst diplomatic crisis between the West and Russia since the Cold War.

As for the latest events, the confrontation in the Black Sea between the British aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth” and a number of Russian ships, which fired warning shots near the aircraft carrier, claiming that the latter is violating Russian territorial waters.

Who is the strongest militarily?

Russia greatly outperforms the United Kingdom in terms of militarily, whether in the number of soldiers, equipment or military spending, because Russia is considered the second most powerful army in the world, while Britain is ranked eighth in the world, but it is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Which is the most powerful military assembly in the world.

What about nuclear power?

Russia has the largest number of nuclear warheads in the world, with more than 6 thousand nuclear warheads, while Britain has announced that it will raise the nuclear warheads ready for launch to 280 nuclear warheads.

However, military experts believe that the number is not considered a decisive factor in nuclear weapons, because the mere possession of it achieves the deterrence equation between the two parties.

Will Britain intervene to support Ukraine?

The British Chief of Staff has previously stated that war with Russia is closer than ever, as was the assessment of the former Director of British Foreign Intelligence, MI6, who confirmed that there is a state of unconventional war that his country is waging with Russia.

But all these statements did not make Defense Minister Ben Wallace go far in raising the ceiling of expectations regarding a military confrontation with Russia in the event of an invasion of Ukraine, and stressed that the Ukrainians should not wait for any military intervention from his country.

Is Britain moving to prevent Russia from expanding?

British media reports revealed that a number of British military advisers were sent to Ukraine, and the British newspaper “Mirror” reported that the army had drawn up a plan to land 600 British special forces soldiers, in the event of any military invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

On the economic front, Britain threatens to punish Russia by removing it from the bank transfers system, which means applying an economic embargo on Moscow.

Can Britain alone to confront Russia?

In his conversation with Al Jazeera Net, Professor of International Relations at the University of London Professor Gilbert Al-Ashkar believes that Britain has lost much of its influence and global standing after withdrawing from the European Union.

He believes that Britain has no alternative now but to identify more with the United States in its positions, considering that Britain alone cannot confront Russia.

Why is Britain keen to escalate with Russia?

Professor Gilbert Al-Ashkar and expert in international relations, Dr. Ahmed Ajaj, agree in interpreting the sharp British statements against Russia, that London seeks to send a message to Washington that it is the strongest ally in Europe capable of confronting Russia.

The two experts confirm that Britain knows that its talk about the war is not paid much attention in Moscow or in Washington, because everyone knows that the British position depends on the American position on the file.

Will the escalation continue in 2022?

Dr. Ahmed Ajaj believes that Britain will continue its calculated escalation with Russia, first out of its security convictions that Russia poses a danger, and also in order to win the sympathy of Eastern European countries that are members of the European Union, which are afraid of Russia.

The British goal – according to Dr. Ahmed – is for Britain to maintain an influential voice within the European Union, through the countries of Eastern Europe.

Does confrontation happen?

Professor Gilbert Al-Ashkar links the possibility of a confrontation between the West and Russia with the political behavior of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who described him as a skilled chess player and does not move arbitrarily, ruling out that Putin would invade Ukraine, otherwise it would be a historical folly, as he described it.

As for Dr. Ahmed Ajaj, he rules out any military confrontation, first because America knows that any war will drain it more than it is draining, and the biggest beneficiary will be China, just as Russia knows that Ukraine’s entry will turn into a quagmire difficult to get rid of.

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