Signal Financial Lab begins experiment with full-time insurance solicitors with an annual salary of 64 million won

Recruitment of full-time insurance solicitors with a maximum annual salary of 64 million won

Image: Signal Financial main page

Signal Financial Lab announced on the 4th that it will hire a full-time insurance agent who provides insurance analysis and counseling. Signal Financial Lab is a corporate insurance agency (GA) owned 100% by Habit Factory, which operates the insurance management app ‘Signal Planner’.

Signal Financial Lab’s main duties currently being hired are customer insurance analysis, data-based Kakao Talk insurance consultation, and face-to-face subscription support. Qualification is at least 2 years of insurance experience. Two qualifications for life/insurance planner are required, and at least one must possess non-life insurance qualifications.

Signal Financial Lab CEO Kim Seong-guk said, “We decided to hire to continue our growth in a situation where high productivity was proven through data and technology-based insurance consulting. In addition to the four major insurances, severance pay, activity allowance, and savings allowance are provided. I think this level of salary is the highest in the industry.”

Signal Financial Lab’s planners conduct insurance consultations for customers who came in through the Signal Planner app. It stands out that the sale of specific insurance products is not directly related to the income of the planner, so it is only necessary to focus on introducing the most suitable insurance to customers. What sets them apart from existing designers in the industry is that they work in offices in Yeouido and Yongsan, Seoul, without individual store placement or shifting. A 9-hour flexible working day system is implemented, and additional work allowance is paid for additional work.

Signal Financial Lab plans to continuously improve the working conditions as well as the awareness of insurance solicitors by providing regular workers’ salaries and other welfare benefits rather than the existing fee-based salaries. The application deadline is January 14, 2022, and detailed information about recruitment can be found on the Signal Financial Lab website.

On the other hand, the Signal Planner app recorded a customer rating of 4.9. (5.0 million points / Based on Google Play Store on December 31, 2021) Habit Factory said, “We believed that if we had a stable income, we could focus on designing for customers rather than immediate sales performance.” Securing a competitive operating cost structure based on data is the reason why we can secure profitability and customer satisfaction while providing high salaries to full-time designers.”

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