Sony declares “Electric Vehicle Advancement”… Established Sony Mobility this spring

The concept electric car ‘Vision S 02’ that Sony unveiled at the ‘CES 2022’ press event held in Las Vegas on the 4th (local time). by Sony

Japanese electronics company Sony has officially entered the electric vehicle market. It has been two years since the concept electric car was launched targeting the American Apple Car.

At the ‘CES 2022’ press event held in Las Vegas on the 4th (local time), Sony announced that it would enter the electric vehicle market by establishing ‘Sony Mobility’ this spring.

Previously, Sony introduced the concept car ‘Vision S’ at ‘CES 2020’, and has been testing the electric vehicle ‘Vision S 01’ on the road since last year. Sony unveiled its first electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) concept car ‘Vision S 02’ along with the Vision S 01 while announcing its plans to establish an electric vehicle company on the same day.

The 7-seater Vision S 02 uses the same platform as the Vision S 01 currently being tested on the road. It is equipped with two electric motors with a capacity of 200 kW and weighs about 2 tons. Sony did not disclose the battery capacity of the electric vehicle, the mileage after full charge, and the release schedule.

Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said, “The Vision S was built around safety, adaptability and entertainment, and safety was the number one priority in creating a comfortable driving experience. check,” he said.

In the industry, as Sony is in the entertainment business such as video games and music, there is also a forecast that it will stand out in the automotive infotainment field. Sony’s share price rose 3.67% on the news that it would enter the electric vehicle market.

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