The Israeli army announces the downing of a Hezbollah drone

The Israeli army said its forces had shot down a Lebanese Hezbollah drone, after it crossed the border from southern Lebanon.

An Israeli army spokesman added – in a statement yesterday evening Tuesday – that the air control units were monitoring the drone and tracking its path, and it was shot down when it crossed into northern Israel, without specifying the location from which it infiltrated.

Over the past years, Hezbollah targeted several Israeli planes and managed to shoot down some of them. In return, Israel repeatedly announced that it had intercepted and destroyed planes launched by Hezbollah fighters from southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah has previously vowed to target Israeli planes that violate Lebanese airspace. In February 2021, the party announced that its fighters had shot down and seized a drone, and the party’s war media broadcast pictures and videos showing the drone equipped with a camera, which it said was a Matrice-100 and “Israeli modified.”

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