Woori Asset Management Lists ‘WOORI AI ESG Active ETF’

Woori Asset Management, a subsidiary of Woori Financial Group, announced on the 5th that it has launched the ESG-themed ‘WOORI AI ESG Active ETF’ as its first ETF (listed index fund) product.

WOORI AI ESG Active ETF is a product that combines the characteristics of ESG investment, a global megatrend, and active ETF. The biggest difference from existing ESG ETFs listed in Korea is that it evaluates and analyzes ESG stocks based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Woori Asset Management explained, “While the existing method has the disadvantage that the timeliness of information may be somewhat lower, AI-based ESG analysis has the advantage that it can be reflected more accurately and quickly in corporate evaluation and selection of investment targets.” did.

As an active ETF, this product does not simply follow a comparative index like a passive ETF, but seeks excess returns by utilizing its unique asset management strategies such as stock analysis and portfolio composition capabilities. This has the advantage of being able to respond more agilely in the period of large and rapidly changing market volatility.

“We plan to additionally launch an ETF product lineup in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” said an official from Woori Asset Management. said.


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