Awqaf issued a report for a person who allegedly delivered the Friday sermon in a mosque in Kafr El-Sheikh

11:56 PM

Friday 07 January 2022

Books – Mahmoud Mostafa:

On Friday, the Directorate of Endowments of Kafr El-Sheikh issued a report against the so-called Muhammad Mahmoud al-Qassas, Fouh Police Station, for spreading incorrect news on social media pages, that he would deliver the Friday sermon in one of the district’s mosques, untrue.

The Ministry of Awqaf stated, in a statement, on Friday, that Mahmoud Al-Qassas’s publication caused a distraction to the work of follow-up inspectors in the directorates and the General Court, through these false publications, stressing that these behaviors are abnormal and contradict all noble values ​​and morals.

The Kafr El-Sheikh Endowments Directorate indicated that the named Muhammad Mahmoud al-Qassas does not have a public speaking license from the endowments and is not authorized, and that what was published is baseless, and stresses that the aforementioned is not allowed to do any advocacy work, or imam, or otherwise, with referring those who are allowed to do so to accountability. disciplinary.

The Ministry of Awqaf had issued a report against a person who announced on Facebook that he had delivered a Friday sermon in a mosque in the Cairo district, last week, untrue.

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