Tomorrow… Drinking water will be cut off from 4 areas in Alexandria

08:04 PM

Friday 07 January 2022

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

Today, Friday, the Alexandria Drinking Water Company announced that water will be cut off to 4 regions in the western governorate, starting at eight in the evening, tomorrow, Saturday, due to maintenance work on a main water line.

The company stated in a statement that water is being cut off from the areas of “Al-Dekheila, Al-Qabbary, Al-Wardian, and Al-Ajami” until the end of maintenance work.

The statement pointed out that water has been cut off from the aforementioned areas due to the replacement and renovation work of the 1000 mm diameter line that carries water from Al-Manshiya 1 station to Rafea Al-Dekheila.

The company appealed to citizens to manage their water needs during that period, until the completion of maintenance work.

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