​​Agriculture: Dispense 90% of the winter fertilizers to farmers

02:30 AM

Saturday 08 January 2022

Books – Ahmed Massad:

Dr. Abbas El-Shennawy, head of the agricultural services sector, announced the disbursement of special winter fertilizer rations and their distribution to agricultural associations, especially for wheat, beet and bean crops, adding that the entire winter quota was disbursed at 90%.

Al-Shennawi said in a special statement to “Masrawy”, that all kinds of fertilizers are available in the agricultural associations’ stores, and a hotline has been allocated to receive farmers’ complaints through the following numbers: 0233373421 – 0233373359.

The head of the agricultural services sector added that fertilizers are disbursed through on-site inspection committees to those who actually cultivate the land and not just own possession to ensure that the support reaches its beneficiaries in the specified quantities to prevent the leakage of subsidized fertilizers, pointing out that the price of subsidized fertilizer in associations ranges from 4700 pounds for nitrates to 4800 Pounds for urea per ton, and the sack between 235 to 240 pounds.

Al-Shennawy pointed out that the Coordination Committee for Fertilizers meets periodically with the producing companies to review their agreed monthly quota to be supplied to the Ministry to cover the needs of the Ministry.

The head of the agricultural services sector indicated that shipments are monitored from the time they leave the factory until they reach the agricultural societies to provide fertilizer courses for the winter season.


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