​​The first comment from education regarding changing the description of Egypt’s climate in the curricula

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Saturday 08 January 2022

Books – Osama Ali:

Dr. Ashraf Abdel Moneim, Social Studies Adviser at the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, commented on amending the description of Egypt’s climate in the school curricula.

Abdel Moneim told Masrawy that until now, the ministry has not received anything about the new description of Egypt’s weather, but this part is being taken into account while explaining lessons related to Egypt’s climate.

He added that there is a whole paragraph about climate changes in the curricula of the first secondary grade on climate changes and their effects on temperature changes and on agriculture and human health, noting that there are some facts that are taught about climate, such as high temperatures in southern Egypt in the summer, and Aswan Governorate records a degree The temperature is high, and the temperature decreases the further north we go.

Sources with the Meteorological Authority said that a new description of the weather in Egypt has been completed, and it will be announced soon.

The sources added that the new description of the weather in Egypt will be taught in the school curricula at the various educational levels, and the old description of the weather will be deleted.

The current description of the weather in Egypt is “hot, dry summers, warm, rainy winters,” but about two years ago, a committee formed by the Meteorological Authority and the Ministry of Environment began working on a climatic map that studies the climate in Egypt for a period of 100 years, from 2010 to 2100. To know the climatic conditions on Egypt in the future.

The sources pointed out that the result, which will be announced soon, will determine on the basis of climate change in Egypt, and an accurate description of the climate situation.

The committee formed to describe the weather in Egypt, came as a result of the climatic changes that occurred in the whole world, including Egypt, which led to changes in the features of the four climatic seasons.


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