President Sisi’s inauguration of the World Youth Forum the day after tomorrow tops the newspapers’ attention

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Saturday 08 January 2022

Cairo- (AA):

Local affairs topped the concerns of Cairo newspapers issued this morning, Saturday morning, foremost of which is President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s inauguration of the World Youth Forum, the day after tomorrow (Monday) in Sharm El-Sheikh.

In (Akhbar Al-Youm) and under the title (Sharm El-Sheikh embraces the youth and cultures of the world), the newspaper reported that President Sisi will inaugurate next Monday the World Youth Forum, which will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh, and will last for 4 days, with the participation of guests and youth from all over the world. The fourth of the forum included many vital issues that reflect the new reality after the “Corona” pandemic.

The newspaper added that the (Dignified Life) initiative is at the forefront of discussions, as it is the largest project in Egypt’s modern history. The discussions also include several basic axes, namely peace, creativity and development.

She indicated that preparatory workshops will be held prior to the start of the forum, which will last for two days. To discuss the effects of the “Corona” pandemic alongside African issues, digital transformation, education, water policies, climate change, the future of health care, energy, and post-conflict reconstruction.

The newspaper pointed out that the forum focuses on upholding human values ​​by discussing art and creativity and building a safe and inclusive world for women. The forum also organizes the United Nations simulation model for the Human Rights Council, stressing that the forum management launched an interactive platform for the participation of all those who were unable to attend, in order to follow up The various events and activities that it witnesses.

Under the title (LE 358 billion investments in development projects), Al-Ahram newspaper quoted the statements of Finance Minister Dr. Mohamed Maait, during which he stressed that the state’s tendency to expand investment projects, to meet the development needs of citizens, was reflected in the budget of the current fiscal year by approving an unprecedented increase. in financial appropriations for public investments; To reach 358.1 billion pounds, with an annual growth rate of 27.6%, which helps speed up the implementation of the objectives of “Egypt Vision 2030” in order to lay the foundations for comprehensive and sustainable development.

The minister added that national projects help promote economic growth, in a way that put average inflation in Egypt under control, according to the International Monetary Fund, stressing that more than 3,000 exporting companies spent more than 30 billion pounds of government support for the export sector. This contributed to the provision of cash needed to continue the production cycle and to preserve employment, in light of the repercussions of the “Corona” pandemic, but rather to maximize production capacities; In implementation of presidential directives, the annual export volume will reach $100 billion over the next three years.

He pointed out that more than EGP 80 million additional support has been allocated to exporters of agricultural products, so that the state’s public treasury bears the value of the difference in the prices of shipping agricultural exports abroad in light of what the exporters offered, and concluded with consultations with the Ministries of Trade and Industry and Civil Aviation, which contributes to alleviating the burdens. On their shoulders and encouraging them to increase exports, half a billion pounds have been allocated in the current fiscal year’s budget to support car and vehicle exporters.

In the local issue as well, and under the title (“first and second secondary” exams electronically in schools).. (Al-Gomhouria) newspaper reported that the Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced a plan for distributing subject grades for the first secondary grade, adding that with regard to the dates for the start of the exams for the first general secondary grade for the semester The first academic year begins on January 22 and will continue until February 2, explaining that exams for subjects outside the total are held on January 15 and 17, and exams are held electronically in schools with monitoring and insured committees.

The ministry also announced the schedule and dates for the exams for the second grade of secondary school, where the exams start on Sunday, January 23 and continue until Thursday, February 3, provided that exams for subjects outside the total will be held on January 16 and 18, and exams are held electronically at the school with monitoring and secured committees and the application of all precautionary measures and on All students take into account the time allotted to answer each subject.

On the economic front, under the title (The Government Offers New Opportunities for Investment in Renewable Energy). The newspaper (Al-Masry Al-Youm) indicated that the government is seeking to launch a number of new projects to increase investment in renewable energies during the next phase, within the framework of the National Renewable Energy Strategy to reach To produce 42% of renewable energies by 2035.

The newspaper quoted the statements of Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, during which he stressed that the renewable energy sector in Egypt witnessed a clear growth during the past months, noting that despite the negative impact of the “Corona” pandemic, the renewable energy sector in Egypt was able to achieve successes, including The Renewable Energy Authority will start implementing a wind power plant in the Gulf of Suez region and a solar cell plant in the Zafarana region, in mid-2022, and the commercial operation of a wind plant in the Gulf of Suez region, which indicates the tangible progress of investment in clean energy in Egypt.

In the same context, Dr. Mohamed El-Khayat, Chairman of the New and Renewable Energy Authority, revealed the completion of the construction of a 50-megawatt solar power plant in Zafarana in the middle of this year with investments amounting to $40 million, in addition to the completion of a new wind power plant in the Gulf of Suez with a capacity of 250 megawatts with investments of 4 billions of pounds.

He added that a study is currently underway to offer solar projects with a capacity of 70 megawatts this year, as part of the authority’s efforts to exploit the 7,600 km of land allocated for renewable energy projects at the level of the Republic.

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