After their round of talks in Vienna, will Washington and Moscow choose diplomacy to solve their crises?

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The former US diplomat to Moscow, Donald Johnson, said that the round of talks that brought together the Russians and the Americans in Vienna was able to create a positive atmosphere that would reduce the tension between them.

Johnson explained that the two sides spoke frankly about their concerns and the guarantees that each other demand, and he did not rule out that the two parties had agreed to reduce military exercises between them, but he ruled out that the two parties had been able to resolve the most complex issues between them, such as the issues of Ukraine and NATO.

Johnson stressed that despite the reassurances issued by Russia and its efforts to dispel the fears of the West, he stressed the impossibility of the United States and NATO countries to believe these reassurances at a time when Russia is massing 100 soldiers for it on the border with Ukraine, and questioned the logical goal that drives Russia to mobilize these forces on Ukraine’s borders.

Although the first round of talks did not bring about radical solutions to the differences between the two parties, he stressed the importance of the expected rounds between the two parties, stressing that they showed seriousness and a desire not to aggravate and restrict matters further.

Director of Programs at the Russian Council on International Relations Ivan Timofeev defended his country’s position, stressing that the Russian position is very transparent and clear, and that it has provided sufficient guarantees to the West and NATO about its non-intention to attack Ukraine militarily, stressing the importance of trust between the two parties.

The Russian politician spoke of his country’s concerns about NATO’s security ambitions in the Russian neighborhood, and its quest to include eastern countries of NATO, which poses a threat to Russia’s interests.

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