Building violations in Cairo.. Al-Basateen neighborhood sends a message to citizens regarding Form 10

06:58 PM

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

Al-Basateen neighborhood appealed to the citizens of the neighborhood, who have files of reconciliation over building violations, according to the Reconciliation Law for some building violations and legalization of conditions.

The neighborhood said, in a post: Citizens must go to the information network center on Nasr Street next to Maadi Company, pay 500 pounds and bring a receipt to the neighborhood building.

And the neighborhood added: After that, a committee from the neighborhood, the network center and the engineer assigned to the governorate inspect the property in which the violation is located and make a report on it according to its area and type of violation, and then a report is made by the committee in conjunction with the engineer in charge of the governorate and submitted to the governorate’s general secretary to make a letter of approval A form 10 must be edited through the district, and the final fees are paid at the district building and the form is edited.

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