“Children died in the fire” .. The prosecution is investigating the death of 4 brothers in a fire in Faisal

11:36 PM

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Books – Saber El Mahlawy:

The Public Prosecution Office in South Giza is conducting extensive investigations into a fire incident that killed 4 siblings in an apartment fire in the Faisal area to clarify the truth and the circumstances of the incident.

The prosecution delegated forensic experts to examine the scene of the accident and to indicate the causes of the fire and whether there was a criminal suspicion or not. It also requested investigations by the security services about the incident.

The security services received a report from the emergency police that there was a fire inside an apartment in a real estate in Faisal area, and there were victims; Immediately, the security services moved and it was found that a fire broke out in an apartment on the third floor. It was found that Judy Imad Jamal, 8 years old, Youssef Imad Jamal, 6 years old, Julien Imad Jamal, 4 years old, and Abdel Rahman, aged one and a half years, suffocated with smoke, and they were transferred to Umm Al Masryeen Hospital.

The security services are conducting investigations to find out the circumstances of the incident and its causes, and legal measures have been taken.


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