Dakahlia teacher: Whoever photographed me dancing must be an example of the law

12:13 AM

Wednesday January 12 2022

Books – Mohamed Gomaa:

Aya Youssef, the Dakahlia teacher, about whom the dance video was raised, said that she did not know that she was filmed during her dance on a trip with her colleagues, follow-up: “The one who took pictures was sitting with us on the boat, and I complained about certain people and I will take legal measures against those who photographed me without my knowledge to be an example.” .

Aya added, during her interview with the “Cairo Talk” program, on Tuesday evening, that she was in a state of fear and panic after the video spread on news and social media sites. with me.”

And she continued, “When I saw the video and the speech, I sat crying hysterically, and in my life I never imagined staying in this situation.”

And Aya added, “We are all hours of our minds, and we are 10 minutes away from joy, and we do actions, and then we regret them… If we dance in and of ourselves, we will all dance, but I admit that the movements were exaggerated.”


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