During his visit to Qena.. the Minister of Transport inspects the track of the fast electric train 6th of October – Aswan

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Tuesday 11 January 2022

Books – Osama Ali:

Lieutenant-General Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, accompanied by Major General Ashraf Al-Daoudi, Governor of Qena, inspected the track of the second line of the fast electric train (October / Luxor / Aswan), which is 925 km long, in the distance from Luxor until we have been established. The crossing point of the track was inspected at the top of the Nile next to the line The Qena-Abu-Tartour railway. The Minister also inspected the site of the major Umrah workshop and the interchange station of the second (Sixth of October / Aswan) and third (Safaga Hurghada / Qena / Luxor) lines in Qena Governorate.

The Minister also witnessed the inauguration and start of work on the Deshna axis on the Nile River as one of the arteries of the new development in Upper Egypt, where work is currently underway in 9 axes in Upper Egypt, namely Al-Fashn / Abu Tij / Daraw / Aswan Reservoir alternative / North Luxor / Manfalut / Dashna / Dar El Salam from A total of 17 axes for Upper Egypt, where 8 axes were opened, including 5 axes during December 2021

With regard to the high-speed electric train line, the Sixth of October / Aswan, the Minister of Transport stressed, during his tour, that the construction of stations in densely populated areas and intersections with the Nile axes will be taken into account, to serve the residents of Upper Egypt, pointing out that the design speed of the network is 250 km / h and the speed operational of 230 km/h electric rapid trains, 160 km/h regional electric trains and 120 km/h freight trains, and that the number of high-speed electric trains in this line is scheduled to reach 19 trains, and 37 regional electric trains with a speed of 160 km/h, and 27 freight trains to ensure achieving the greatest financial return that covers operating and maintenance expenses later, adding that the goal of diversifying the moving units (fast and regional) is to provide a civilized means of transportation that suits all income levels, while providing an outstanding service.

The Minister of Transport stated that the coming period will witness the signing of the contract for this line, in addition to the Safaga line, Hurghada / Qena / Luxor, with Siemens International, as part of the Ministry of Transport’s plan to establish a rapid electric train network consisting of 3 main lines with a total length of 1825 km, including 1165 km for the Upper Egypt lines, in parallel. With the ongoing development of the current 10,000 km railway network, he pointed out that the high-speed rail lines operate with electricity to reduce time, greatly shorten journey time, and preserve the environment, and will represent a huge qualitative leap in the means of transportation in Egypt.​


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