Giza: 15 cases of illegal construction were removed in 4 centers

06:18 PM

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Major General Ahmed Rashid, the Governor of Giza, instructed the heads of neighborhoods, centers and cities to continue efforts to confront encroachments on agricultural lands and building violations and to remove them immediately.

The governorate, through the Abu Al-Nomros Center and City, removed 3 cases of violating construction in the Abu Al-Nomros center and city, which included the removal of walls bearing a first floor after the ground floor in the Wali area, in addition to removing a roof erected in violation of a property on Al-Jawalat Street, Tersa, in addition to removing encroachments on agricultural lands in front of the Masaken area. All of them are in the village of Tersa.

The governorate also removed building violations in the Kom al-Ahmar area in the center and city of Osim, as well as removing two cases promising to build on state property lands in the village of Musa Mosque on an area of ​​500 square meters in the center and city of Atfih.

The Giza Governorate also removed 9 cases of building violations and infringements on an area of ​​810 m in the village of Mansouriya in the center and city of Mansha’at al-Qanater.

In the same context, the Giza Governorate, through the Agouza neighborhood, shoved cars belonging to car showrooms on Ahmed Orabi Street in Agouza and Teraat al-Magnona Street in Ard al-Lewa, waiting incorrectly on the sidewalks on the road, impeding traffic and pedestrians, while taking legal measures against violators.

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